Flag of Macedonia

Our Work

The overarching goal of the USAID/Macedonia Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015 is: “Macedonia— a democratic, educated, prosperous state that responds to the needs of all citizens.” In support of this goal, USAID has set three primary objectives:

  • Greater Checks and Balances in Democratic Processes
  • A Basic Education System that Better Prepares Youth for the Modern Economy and a Stable Democracy
  • Increased Job-Creating Private Sector Growth in Targeted Sectors

In addition to fortifying areas of past support, USAID has made several important shifts to address Macedonia’s most pressing needs.  These include: (1) strengthening linkages between education and economic growth to address the gap between labor supply and demand, (2) supporting the Government of Macedonia’s interethnic education efforts, (3) focusing on implementation (versus drafting of new laws) of business legislation, and (4) expanding energy efficiency initiatives.

Greater emphasis is placed on building the human and institutional capacity development of both government and private-sector institutions and on increasing the sustainability of development impacts and potential legacy partners through enhanced use of local institutions and organizations.