USAID prevents urban flooding in Delcevo

Construction of a New Sewage System
Construction of a New Sewage System
Milieukontakt Macedonia

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Today, USAID’s Mission Director, Mr. James Stein, joined the community in Delcevo to celebrate the completion of a measure to decrease the risk of urban flooding in Milkovo Brdo. This measure was completed as part of the municipality’s involvement in USAID’s Municipal Climate Change Strategies Project (MCCSP), implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia. For the citizens of Delcevo, adaptation to climate-related challenges through preventing urban floods was defined as a priority in the Municipality’s Climate Change Strategy. This pilot project included construction of a new sewage system in the urban block “Milkovo Brdo” in Delcevo, which collects and leads the storm water away from the inhabited area. With this measure, USAID’s Municipal Climate Change Strategies Project has increased the capacity of Delcevo’s citizens to adjust to climate-related challenges and to shield from potential flood damage. In his remarks, USAID Mission Director Stein noted "Over the past four years, we have worked with our partners in Macedonia to identify and effectively manage climate-related risks. Some of the most dangerous of these risks are those associated with extreme weather events, including droughts, heat waves, and severe storms." "Here in Delcevo, in partnership with USAID, you have worked together to mitigate these risks and increase your community’s resilience." For this pilot project, USAID has contributed MKD 3,300,000 (USD 55,731) and the Municipality of Delcevo has contributed MKD 1,734,792 (USD 29,297). USAID’s MCCSP partnered with local leadership and the community in Delcevo to develop an actionable consensus-based long-term strategy that directly addresses the specific needs of the local population. In addition to strengthening local resilience to climate change, this project strengthened civil society by increasing the community’s commitment and involvement in issues of shared concern. NOTE TO THE EDITORS: USAID’s Municipal Climate Change Strategies Project, implemented by Milieukontakt Macedonia, is a four-year initiative that prepares municipalities to better manage local challenges brought about by climate change. Using an innovative method called the Green Agenda, the project brings together civil society organizations, citizens, and municipal bodies to develop consensus-based action plans that address the specific climate change issues facing their communities and in partnership to work toward mitigating their effects. While fostering resilience to climate change, the project strengthens civil society by enhancing civic activism. Activities are focused in ten municipalities: Pehcevo, Tearce, Bogdanci, Krivogashtani, Mavrovo/Rostushe, Bogovinje, Studenicani, Vinica, Delcevo and Prilep. Activities have included, but are not limited to, energy-efficient adaptations of public buildings and facilities, building of a new water storage tank, installation of a new filter in a municipal water treatment plant, installation of energy-efficient street lighting, regulation of river beds, landslide prevention measures, restoration and repair of water catchments, construction of sewerage etc. The American people, through USAID MCCSP, will invest USD 2,800,000 for variety of actions in these selected municipalities. The project duration is 53 months in the period between 2012 and 2017. For more details on the project visit: and MKM Facebook page