USAID's nutrition-specific programs are guided by a package of interventions identified in The Lancet [PDF, 3.6MB] 2013 series on Maternal and Child Nutrition. USAID's media content illustrates how the Global Health Bureau's nutrition programs use proven interventions to improve nutrition for women and young children.

A child is fed by his mother
A nurse helps a new mother at a hospital.
Screen grab from an infographic saying that almost 1 billion people suffer from chronic hunger.
A mother and father hold their child between them


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Our stories from the field illustrate how we work within the four nutrition-specific intervention packages outlined in The Lancet series [PDF, 3.6MB] and offer examples of our guiding strategies and partnerships in action.

Optimal Maternal Nutrition During Pregnancy

Infant and Young Child Feeding

Micronutrient Supplementation in Children at Risk

Management of Acute Malnutrition

Guiding Strategies and Partnerships in Action