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USAID global health programs have supported Health System Strengthening (HSS) for more than 20 years with critical resources, technical expertise, global leadership and in-country presence.

By focusing on building strong and resilient health systems, USAID can save the lives of 5.6 million children and 260,000 women from 2016-2020.<br />

Need for country assistance continues to grow as disease burden shifts rapidly and in unpredictable ways. To sustain gains in global health, USAID invests in Health System Strengthening. Our aim is to help people and institutions, both public and private, improve health outcomes over the long term. We also seek to ensure affordability, quality and delivery of health services in an equitable and sustainable manner that ultimately protects people against unforeseen shocks.

These actions help USAID reach our three priority global health goals of Preventing Child and Maternal Deaths, Controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and Combating Infectious Disease, which directly contributes to the Global Health Security Agenda.



Cover of the Acting on the Call report showing two women and two children sitting on a bench

Acting on the Call: A Focus on Health Systems

The 2017 Acting on the Call Report details how a focus on health systems will enable the delivery of essential, quality health services and ensure that they reach the most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Read the report and learn more about how USAID's health system strengthening efforts have positively impacted the lives of women and children around the world by visiting: Acting on the Call.


A mother stands holding her baby in a sling in front of her.

Health System Strengthening Stories

Learn how USAID strengthens health systems that save lives. Find case examples from Burma, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Zambia in Acting on the Call Stories.