USAID Commemorates World AIDS Day 2013

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December 2013

World AIDS Day

In honor of PEPFAR’s 10th anniversary, USAID is commemorating World AIDS Day this year by celebrating 10 years of our HIV and AIDS work under PEPFAR. In particular, we are highlighting efforts related to PEPFAR’s theme, “Shared Responsibility: Strengthening Results for an AIDS-Free Generation.”

As this momentous decade draws to a close, we look back at the amazing impact that USAID, PEPFAR and our implementing partners have had worldwide. Millions of lives have been saved, infections have been averted, and hope has been delivered to communities where it has been so desperately needed. We look forward to continuing our work together toward an AIDS-free generation.

Check out USAID’s new video “Gift’s Last 10 Years”

USAID is proud to launch an animated video that tells the story of our work under PEPFAR and the impact it has had through the eyes of a fictional 10-year-old southern African girl named Gift.

10for10 Social Media Campaign for World AIDS Day

Through a social media campaign called “10for10” [PDF, 1MB] that kicked off on Friday, November 22, USAID has been sharing stories from the past 10 years that touch on the various ways we – in partnership with our implementing partners – have contributed to PEPFAR, one of the most successful foreign assistance programs ever created.

See below for the schedule of themes and new content that we have been highlighting:

  • Nov 22 – Shared Responsibility
  • Nov 23 – PMTCT (Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission)
  • Nov 24 – Treatment
  • Nov 25 – GBV (Gender-Based Violence)
  • Nov 26 – OVC (Orphans & Vulnerable Children)
  • Nov 27 – Combination Prevention
  • Nov 28 – VMMC (Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision)
  • Nov 29 – HIV Testing & Counseling
  • Nov 30 – Vaccines
  • Dec 1 – Country Ownership

Blog Posts on USAID’s IMPACTblog:

Book Reviews

In observance of World AIDS Day, staff from USAID’s Bureau of Global Health have reviewed two of the latest and most talked about books of the year.

Success Stories on USAID’s Transforming Lives Page

Issue Briefs

United States to Host Global Fund’s Replenishment Conference

The U.S. Government is hosting the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s (Global Fund’s) Fourth Voluntary Replenishment Conference on December 2–3 in Washington, DC. As of November 2013, Global Fund programs in more than 150 countries have supported 5.3 million people on antiretroviral therapy for AIDS, tested and treated 11 million people for tuberculosis and distributed 340 million insecticide-treated nets to protect families against malaria. The Global Fund’s Fourth Replenishment Conference aims to secure financing for the organization’s programs in 2014–2016; the Global Fund has set a goal of $15 billion for this period. The United States is the largest donor to the Global Fund, having provided about 33 percent of its funding to date; the U.S. Government has pledged to provide up to $5 billion over the next 3 years. USAID’s health programs and the Global Fund-financed programs are complementary and deeply intertwined in countries where both programs exist.

Census Bureau Releases Data Visualization Showing Impact of HIV

To mark World AIDS Day this year, the Census Bureau has released a data visualization that shows the impact that the HIV pandemic has had on the population of 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa as of 2012. The visualization consists of two figures showing the missing population due to HIV and AIDS and the percent of the total population that is missing for each country. Data on HIV and AIDS prevalence for most countries are available from the Census Bureau’s HIV/AIDS Surveillance Data Base, a compilation of data from 219 countries and areas on the prevalence of HIV infection and AIDS cases and deaths. The database is maintained by the Census Bureau with funding from PEPFAR through USAID.

Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership Announces Digital Release of “Inside Story”

PEPFAR is pleased to announce the digital release of the feature film “Inside Story.” The Discovery Channel’s Global Education Partnership (DCGEP) developed “Inside Story” in a public-private partnership with PEPFAR, Chevron and Access Bank. The film is a fictional account of a rising Zambian soccer star who learns he is HIV-positive. The film blends live action with state-of-the-art animation from top Hollywood studios to take viewers into the body and explain the immune system, the impact of the virus and the effect of antiretroviral therapies. “Inside Story” is an example of an educational awareness tool that will help us to reach our goal of an AIDS-free generation.

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Things YOU can do:

  • Join the Conversation on Social Media to Share How You Are Taking Action on World AIDS Day by Using the Official Hashtag #WAD2013
  • Check Out Our USAIDGH Social Media Toolkit for World AIDS Day [PDF, 1MB] for More Information
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