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August 2015


Extreme Possibilities. Stories to inspire the end of extreme poverty. Photo of a young boy studying.

Credit: USAID

USAID's New Storytelling Hub

Imagine a World without Extreme Poverty. It is a world where every child gets the nutrients they need to thrive. A world without extreme poverty is a world where doctors don't have to save lives in the dark and students don't have close their books at sunset. It is a world where families are freed from hunger, protected from disease and prepared when disaster strikes.

A world without extreme poverty is a world where the moment of birth is one of joy not fear. And where being born a girl is blessing not a curse.

USAID‘s “Immersive Storytelling Hub” brings you the stories of individuals, families and communities in transformation. Stories to inspire all of us to end extreme poverty – the stories of Extreme Possibilities.

Photo of a community Health Worker distributing anti-malarial medicine.

Credit: Morgana Wingard for USAID

One Woman Takes the Bite out of a Deadly Disease

Habiba Suleimon is a supermom - an extraordinary individual with two wheels, a tablet and lots of data, who is independently raising a family and ridding her community of malaria. With the help of a world-class surveillance system and officers like Habiba, malaria prevalence in the islands of Zanzibar has decreased from 25 percent in 2005 to 1 percent today.

A burial team carries a black bag with a little girl's body.

Credit: Morgana Wingard and Adam Parr for USAID

How Liberia's Burial Teams Stopped the Dead from Harming those they Loved

Varbah Dolley is a member of a Red Cross burial team in Liberia who battled tirelessly against Ebola to prevent the dead from harming the ones they loved. At the height of the Ebola epidemic, USAID supported burial teams across Liberia. The focus on safe and dignified burials helped bring the crisis under control.

Contraception options in Senegal

Credit: Thomas Cristofoletti for USAID

Changing Minds and Saving Lives with a Little Tube and Lots of Heart

Jharana is a volunteer and a lifesaver. Armed with little tubes of gel and a big heart, she and thousands of other health workers are helping reduce the odds of infant illness and death by up to a third in their rural communities. Mother by mother, house by house, Nepal's Navel Glazers are transforming a nation.

Hapsatou and the next generation of healthy children.

Credit: Morgana Wingard for USAID

One Extraordinary Woman Takes on Malnutrition

Malnutrition magician, maternal health expert, entrepreneur. Meet Hapsatou Ka, an extraordinary woman fighting for the health of her community. In Senegal and around the world, USAID helps mothers and babies get the nutrients they need to survive and thrive.

Photo sources for top banner left to right: James Pursey/EGPAF, Marcy Erskine/IFRC, Jameel Ahmad/JSI/PAIMAN.

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