Health Research

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is committed to addressing some of the world’s most challenging health and development issues through research, introduction and scale-up of evidence-based solutions. The Bureau for Global Health's investments in research and development have led to critical breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deadly global diseases.

Building on a strong tradition of evidence for sound decisions in global health, we have advanced a very low-cost antiseptic used to prevent umbilical cord infections in newborns; developed and tested new products to protect women against HIV and unintended pregnancy; supported and delivered a new test that can quickly diagnose drug-resistant tuberculosis; and advanced a neonatal resuscitator that delivers more volume, prevents air leakage, and has easier assembly and disassembly.

As a leader in the application of science and technology to achieve development objectives, USAID recognizes that a foundation in research is vital to bringing game-changing innovations into use. Whether it's through product development, field implementation trials or evidence-based advocacy, we seek to broaden scientific progress and drive innovation that will empower host countries and improve lives. Through partnerships with our field Missions and stakeholder countries, the Bureau for Global Health's research agenda includes implementing high-impact solutions to address Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths, Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation and Protecting Communities from Infectious Diseases.

It is through the Bureau's diverse research expertise and global collaboration that our teams are able to maximize findings and contribute to a body of knowledge aimed at solving some of the world's most complex health problems.

Health-Related Research Reports to Congress