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Transforming Lives

RPP Success Story_Womens Coops

Agnes Mukaloni, a pyrethrum (commonly known as chrysanthemum) farmer, says she never thought it would be possible to grow crops on land she called her own, but this season, she will do just that. 

Claudine Mukeshimana

Claudine Mukeshimana, 31, is a mother of two and a businesswoman in Rwanda’s Eastern province. In 2003, she opened a small general store selling milk, sugar and rice. A few years later, in 2009, she changed the focus of her business and began selling agricultural inputs for crop production, hoping to make better use of her agronomy training.

IHSSP Performance-Based Financing

James Maniriho is a laboratory technician at the Muhoza Health Center in Rwanda's Northern province. To earn his monthly salary of approximately $150, James works nine hours a day, five days a week. His laboratory unit receives 120 to130 patients each day, who are served by just four technicians.

USAID RDCP II Quality Dairy

Improving the quality of a perishable good that spoils quickly, like milk, requires a few key inputs. Dairy farmers need disease-resistant livestock, clean hands, rapid product transport, hygienic processing, and adequately refrigerated distribution centers.

Mentors engaged in an English language assessment activity.

In 2008, francophone Rwanda instituted an audacious education policy to support its development goals. The government purported that shifting from French to English was key to regional and global business and trade, as was joining the anglophone East African Community and the Commonwealth of Nations.