Map of Rwanda

Transforming Lives

Teacher Agathe Nyirasafari

Rwanda has made great strides in expanding access to education. Enrollment is up, repetition and dropout rates are down, and more children are finishing primary school.

Ejo Heza_MCH Nutrition

June 2014—While Rwanda has made dramatic progress in decreasing child mortality, chronic malnutrition remains high among children under the age of 5. This hurts not only the economy, but also the welfare of the young. Some people are standing up against the odds, however, taking on the fight against malnutrition.

HICD Success Story_Consultants

May 2014—Rwanda is on the move. It’s one of the only countries expected to meet the Millennium Development Goals by 2015, and is already a leader on the continent in the areas of health care and economic growth.

IWPR Success Story_Pascal

May 2014—Pascal Habababyeyi, 25, is a radio journalist in Rwanda’s Southern province at Huguka Radio, a community station. Radio is the most popular form of media in Rwanda, and Radio Huguka alone reaches an estimated audience of over 1 million listeners.

Ejo Heza Success Story_Nutrition Education

In Rwanda, approximately 44 percent of children are stunted due to malnutrition. While Rwandan families are encouraged to prevent malnutrition, most rural communities lack the ingredients and knowledge to prepare a balanced diet.