Flag of Paraguay

Our Work

Democracy and Governance

USAID supports democracy and good governance by strengthening the mechanisms that detect and prevent corruption. In the justice sector, we work closely with the Judicial Branch to improve the administration of justice, and promote the professionalization of the judiciary and a more transparent justice system. USAID promotes governmental reform to improve management and policy making systems, and increase government effectiveness to strengthen administrative processes and service delivery throughout Paraguay. Our democracy program works to strengthen civil society organizations and build coalitions and alliances, improve civic education, and foster investigative journalism. We also support a local labor inclusion program which promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor force.

Economic Growth

Since 2003, USAID has focused on fighting rural poverty by promoting economic opportunities, and helping companies and small producers increase their sales. Our programs are designed to incorporate the Government of Paraguay’s priorities to reduce poverty and respond to major social problems. The Government’s economic program focuses on an inclusive financial system, strengthening the family agriculture system, generating employment, and fighting poverty.

Approximately 43 percent of Paraguayans live in rural areas and 36 percent live in extreme poverty. Extreme rural poverty is concentrated among approximately 200,000 small farming families. One of the Government of Paraguay's priorities is to help these rural families increase their productivity, gain access to credit, and access new markets for organic products.