U.S. and Uruguay Partner with Paraguay to Strengthen Governance and Promote Inclusive Economic Development

USAID/Paraguay Mission Director Fernando Cossich, Minister José Molinas of the Technical Planning Secretariat, and Uruguayan Con
USAID/Paraguay Mission Director Fernando Cossich, Minister José Molinas of the Technical Planning Secretariat, and Uruguayan Consul Alicia Perrone, as they sign and exchange the agreement

For Immediate Release

Thursday, January 16, 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The United States Agency for International Development and the Uruguayan International Cooperation Agency today formalized a partnership with Paraguay´s Technical Planning Secretariat to increase agriculture production, decrease poverty and strengthen public institutions in Paraguay.

The development challenges faced by Paraguay call for an integrated approach and coordinated action, with the Government of Paraguay taking the lead in these efforts. Minister José Molinas, of the Technical Planning Secretariat underscored the importance of inter-agency coordination in support of Paraguay´s National Development Plan, which focuses on poverty reduction, inclusive economic growth, insertion in the global economy, and anti-corruption and transparency efforts.

“Leveraging our joint efforts and expertise ensures a more efficient use of scarce resources, and increases the impact of our work,” said Fernando Cossich, USAID/Paraguay Mission Director. “We have a unique opportunity to improve governance systems and help Paraguayans out of poverty, by combining international best practices and regional knowledge.”

The partnership builds upon the U.S. Government’s ambitious development cooperation strategy for Paraguay, which includes strengthening public institutions to improve transparency and efficiency, as well as economic opportunities for small producers of the northern zone, to complement the Government of Paraguay´s poverty reduction plan. The USG strategy comprises leadership and entrepreneurial opportunities for women, inclusion and improved employment opportunities for People with Disabilities, and environmental protection and reforestation.

The Government of Uruguay´s experience in the areas of protection of vulnerable populations, human resources, cooperatives, access to clean water and institutional strengthening will surely benefit Paraguay´s development.

This Trilateral cooperation is expected to:

  • Increase the income of approximately 20,000 families, by strengthening value chains and access to markets;
  • Implement new systems to improve institutional capacity of public institutions in the areas of civil service, public financial management and internal controls; and
  • Increase transparency, service delivery and efficiency in public institutions.
  • The United States will continue to explore other trilateral cooperation opportunities in the region.