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With support from USAID, local women are learning how to become more politically active in their communities.
August 5, 2016

USAID/Morocco is supporting a program to work with leading political parties to strengthen their efforts to better respond to citizens and represent their interests. USAID/Morocco also supports work to strengthen civil society’s capacity to engage the electoral and legislative process and promote civic awareness.

Students attend a workshop at USAID Career Center
August 5, 2016

Young Moroccans constitute over 10 million people and 80 percent of the unemployed in the country. Surprisingly, unemployment rates rise sharply by educational attainment – ranging from just 1.6 percent for labor force participants with no education to over 22 percent for university graduates. In response to these challenges, USAID Morocco has designed the USAID Career Center program to assist young people’s transition from education to employment.

Educational summer camps sponsored by the USAID FORSATY program provide youth opportunities to express themselves creatively whi
August 5, 2016

Morocco is the United States’ oldest friend in the Middle East and North Africa. This bond, which dates back over 200 years, is forged on a solid foundation of our shared values in security, freedom, and prosperity. Located in an increasingly unstable and volatile region, Morocco continues to set itself apart with its stable government and steadily growing economy.

A girl puts her knowledge to the test during an in-class exercise
June 1, 2016

Strengthening reading skills at the primary level is the most effective way to improve overall learning achievement and help curb primary grade dropout rates. To achieve this, USAID, through its partnership with the Ministry of Education, supports their ambitious reform efforts through planned activities that will improve students’ learning outcomes and promote higher levels of educational attainment as a result of targeting primary level learning achievement.

April 18, 2016

From April 14th to 16th 2016, Moroccan women representing eight of the country’s major political parties came together from all corners of Morocco for the “Elections 2016: Women @ the Forefront” Conference to share successful strategies for increasing the percentage of elected women and to discuss how women can advocate for greater leadership roles within their political parties.