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Our Work

Better irrigation systems improve community resilience
Alexandra Riboul/USAID

Agriculture and Food Security

With 84 percent of Malawians earning their living through farming, agricultural development will be key to improved health and sustainable economic growth. Through Feed the Future, USAID is working with the Malawian government to:

  • Develop enabling agricultural policies
  • Improve health through behavior change and increased access to nutritious food
  • Invest in crops with high potential for domestic and export markets

Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

All of USAID’s programs integrate support for accountability and transparency and promote good governance, respect for human rights and political competition.


USAID activities improve primary school children’s reading skills by supporting better curricula and programs, and more reading materials in classrooms. USAID further improves the quality of instruction in reading skills through support to pre- and in-service teacher training in literacy and continuous professional development.


Malawi’s unsustainable use of natural resources has exerted pressure on the environment causing soil erosion, deforestation, water degradation and loss of biodiversity. Our work protects biodiversity and natural resources in a way that is environmentally and economically sound.

Global Health

USAID promotes the health and well-being of Malawians by investing in strategic, high-quality initiatives that support Malawi’s development goals. These initiatives include improving access to quality health care, encouraging the development of strong health policies and management and strengthening the overall health care system.

Working in Crisis and Conflict

USAID-funded early warning systems provide Malawi with timely, accurate and actionable information on food security conditions and threats. USAID programs also address the underlying causes of hunger, improve disaster preparedness, and help the country respond to natural disasters such as floods.