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Malawi Local Governance
Strengthening local governance structures
Emily Spahn / USAID

USAID supports the Government of Malawi’s efforts to implement its Public Sector Reform agenda through continued engagement on policy reforms and the development of new programs to provide long-term technical assistance for civil service , decentralization, public financial management, and sector-specific reforms.  We also strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations so they can improve advocacy, mobilize communities and monitor government performance. Our mission is improving the accountability and efficiency of local and national government services and increasing citizen participation in decision making.

In 2015, civil society organizations engaged in grassroots advocacy, and we supported their demands for quality services and sought to ensure that public sector decision-making responds to their interests at the local level.  By increasing citizens’ opportunities for engaging with government officials, activities cultivated democratic legitimacy and inclusion in local development processes. 

In parallel, support to newly elected councilors and district administrative staff made local governance institutions better able to respond to the increasing demands for accountability and services.  As a result of this support, councilors and district staff are collaborating more effectively and focusing more attention on improving service delivery and public financial scrutiny. 

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