Municipal Governance

Local Elections and Governance Support

Project Title: Libya Elections and Governance Support Program (LEGS)

Duration: October 2012 – September 2019


To establish effective practices for sub national governance. IRI is helping ensure that local government is informed by, and inclusive of, citizen concerns. In addition, IRI supports Libyan municipal councilors in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities while engaging in sound policy making. IRI is supporting the Ministry of Local Government establish structures for intra-governmental communication, administrative functions, training, and service delivery. Finally, in an effort to increase the role of marginalized groups in Libya’s governance, IRI engages youth leaders to advocate for issues in their communities.


1. Improve intergovernmental communication and management practices and establish an effective training division within the Ministry of Local Government, allowing it to sustain long-term municipal council training;

2. Train municipal councillors and staff in advocacy, constituent outreach and office management, and conduct workshops to enhance understanding of Libya’s Constitution and Law 59, the Law of Local Government;

3. Establish three municipal government associations that represent mayors, women, and wounded revolutionaries to discuss and advocate for common municipal interests;

4. Engage youth-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) to develop a cohesive advocacy platform at the municipal level under the Libyan National Youth Network, comprised of 35 participating organizations.  Competitive subaward program for 10 youth organizations to implement small-scale community improvement projects.

Program Status/Achievements in Late 2016:

  • Facilitated roundtable meetings with the Sirte local council and crisis committee to outline their future vision for Sirte’s health, education and infrastructure sectors.
  • Facilitated the establishment of the Tobruk municipal council’s volunteer office for local CSOs seeking to help the council address issues of concern to the community.
  • Held networking, leadership and advocacy workshop for women municipal council members from 12 municipalities.
  • Trained 24 participants from both Libya and Tunisia on the role of youth in peace building through advocacy, reconciliation and creating regional youth networks.
  • Conducted 10 focus groups with former fighters to identify programming for wounded warrior municipal government association.