National Governance

Electricity sector regulatory training with high-level officials from the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).
Electricity sector regulatory training with high-level officials from the General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).

Project Title: AMEG Libya Public Financial Management Activity
Duration: January 2016 – September 2017


  • Focused on municipal and central government counterparts;
  • Reliant on Libyans in-country and expatriates in third-country locations;
  • Adaptable to evolving Libyan and USG priorities; and
  • Cost-effective and synchronized with existing donor-funded efforts.

Program Activities: 

  • Strengthen public financial management (PFM) in Libya at both national and municipal levels for enhanced government legitimacy and delivery of basic services.
  • Strengthen Libya’s ability to manage its electricity sector.
  • Assist selected high-growth Libyan private firms to expand and create jobs for at-risk youth.

Program Status/Achievements:

  • Capacity-building for improved PFM processes: AMEG conducted a two-week, comprehensive PFM training for Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Local Government and twelve municipalities. AMEG then followed-up individually to assist ministries and municipalities to develop and implement improved PFM policies and processes. In addition, AMEG is providing a senior macro-fiscal advisor to Libya to advise on policy issues.

  • Future PFM assistance: AMEG provided basic PFM training for 10 additional ministries, specialized training for financial controllers; recommendations to improve governance of the Libya Investment Authority; and capacity-building for the Bureau of Statistics in relation to the Consumer Price Index.

  • Municipal revenue generation: AMEG conducted municipal revenue generation workshops, reviewing Libya’s Law on Local Administration (Law 59), to determine legal opportunities for Libyan municipalities to generate revenue. Mayors of 24 municipalities attended and developed action plans for generating revenue with goals of improved government legitimacy and service delivery.

  • Roadmap for managing Libya’s electricity sector: Following an AMEG assessment of Libya’s electricity sector, AMEG is providing technical assistance to the General Electricity Company of Libya to develop a roadmap of short-, medium-, and long-term reforms that will modernize management of Libya’s electricity sector.

  • AMEG also developed a report on transparency in Libya’s oil sector and conducted surveys of workforce development and private sector employment needs.