Flag of Haiti

Transforming Lives

Children playing cards in a child friendly space in Jacmel.

The January 12 earthquake in Haiti changed everything for Sandy, 15, and now the relief process is changing her world again—this time for the better.

A USAID-funded mobile health clinic provides breastfeeding support.

When the Caesarian section recovery process prevented the mother of 2-week-old twins Richardson and Rejeffson from taking the newborns for a check-up, her cousins stepped in to help. They brought the newborns to the Gaston Margron camp where USAID-funded partner Save the Children operates a mobile clinic.

Witslayenne with nutritional supplement.

Eight-month-old Witslayenne lost her mother in the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. She was 2 months old at the time, too young to remember what happened that day.

Clinic set up in Asile Comunal.

The January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti devastated hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities across Port-au-Prince, leaving thousands of residents without access to critical health services when they needed them most.

Kétia Jean Juste learns culinary arts techniques which provide skills to increase her family's income.

Kétia Jean Juste is 16. She lives with her father in the South Department of Haiti. A maternal orphan and the youngest member of her family, she has been struggling to attend school. The cost of education in Haiti is low compared to some countries; but still, 70 percent of Haitians live on less than $2 a day.