Flag of Haiti


  • Kore Lavi is working to prevent hunger and malnutrition by implementing a safety net program that builds demand and improves access for locally produced foods among vulnerable households.

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  • USAID Haiti is continuing to help communities rebuild after Hurricane Matthew.

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  • Projects in Haiti support farmer associations, provide master farmer training, and connect small farmers to domestic and export markets.

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  • USAID Haiti's support to education focuses on greatly improving reading and writing in​​ over ​400 primary schools ​and giving​ teachers improved skills and materials​.

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  • USAID Haiti​'s work to promote the health of mothers and children includes training 1,100 community health workers who serve rural areas without nearby health facilities.

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Lucamène Chéry, a food vendor in Haiti.
Food Vouchers Strengthen Nutrition and Local Markets in Haiti
Dieula Rosembert, a grandmother and cacao farmer in Haiti, is participating in USAID agricultural program.
Haiti’s Cacao Farmers Eliminate Middlemen, Double Incomes
USAID/Haiti HIFIVE Program
Credit Unions Expand Options for Haitians

About Haiti

The U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) works to build a stable and economically viable Haiti. While challenges remain, key advancements in health services, investments in the agriculture sector, municipal governance and legal protections for vulnerable populations as well as investments in infrastructure amount to real improvements. U.S. assistance focuses on long-term reconstruction and development, promoting economic growth, job creation and agricultural development, providing basic health care and education services, and improving the effectiveness of government.


Haiti Country Profile Fact Sheet [PDF, 315K]

Status of Post-Earthquake Recovery and Development Efforts in Haiti (December 2016) (Kreyòl version [PDF, 432K])   

Evaluations for Haiti

Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator at the Department of State