Flag of Haiti

Transforming Lives

A vendor dishes out meals at an industrial park in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
A USAID-financed program in Haiti is improving air quality for cooking vendors and is expected to save more than 500 tons of charcoal a year.
Edouard Carrié, a Haitian entrepreneur, is taking steps to simultaneously address the issues of sanitation and employment.
Haiti faces many challenges—some of the most serious being unemployment and waste management. For the latter, the growing piles of plastic, tin, aluminum, cardboard, Styrofoam and other trash pollute and diminish the natural beauty of the country's landscape.
Tilma, a traditional birth attendant in rural Haiti, holds a healthy baby boy delivered by one of her patients.

One April night, 19-year-old Ilionelle* was struggling to give birth at her home in rural northwest Haiti. After several hours, she began having seizures, a clear indication of pre-eclampsia, a severe medical disorder that can lead to the death of the mother and the baby.

Graduates Share Computer Know-How in Haiti

Following the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti received monetary and material donations from several countries to support its recovery and rebuilding process.