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  • Georgian Companies Help Inspire the Business Leaders of Tomorrow

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  • USAID Supports Book Clubs and After School Learning

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  • USAID and the State Department offer educational opportunities to Georgia's young people

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  • “After the 2008 war, the Russians took 50 hectares of our village land. Greenhouses were our only solution." --Merab Shavadze

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  • USAID's clean energy solutions keep retirement home residents warm in the winter while also saving money and energy.

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  • Aisi College establishes new composting and recycling program

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  • “Greetings to Obama from Georgia’s farmers! I started my first greenhouse with a USAID grant. Now, I have six greenhouses and make a profit of ½ million Lari per year. USAID really supported me and my partners by giving us a good start.” –Genadi Asatiani

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  • Young people in Georgia put civic education into action through USAID's Momavlis Taoba program.

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  • USAID supports Georgia’s media sector by building the capacity of journalists to demonstrate accurate and ethical reporting on public interest issues, and by supporting regional media outlets to improve financial viability and transparency.

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  • "I want to challenge and reverse negative stereotypes about Pankisi and show others my nation and my Gorge from a different perspective." --Zarema Ididze, Radio WAY Citizen Reporter

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USAID Georgia Holiday Video 2016
A Holiday Message from USAID/Georgia
იმერეთის საოცრება - ჰერბია და USAID-ი / Magic in Imereti-Herbia and USAID
Magic in Imereti-Herbia and USAID
Giorgi Shavadze set up his first greenhouse in 2015 with USAID assistance.
Greenhouses Build Resilience in Post-War Georgia

About Georgia

Georgia is a key U.S. ally in the Caucasus region and a gateway for energy resources from the Caspian Sea to Europe and beyond. The Government of Georgia is committed to advancing democratic and economic reforms, strengthening the rule of law, and improving social services. Georgia’s 2012 Parliamentary Elections were historic and represented the first peaceful, competitive, and constitutional transfer of power in the region.

USAID began operating in Georgia in 1992. For 24 years, the American people have provided over $1.5 billion in assistance to Georgia through USAID. Building on this successful partnership, the U.S. Government dedicates approximately $40 million annually to 50 wide-reaching programs that support Georgia’s democratic, free-market, Western orientation.

Initiatives stimulate economic growth, develop democratic institutions, enhance energy security, mitigate climate change, improve education, and foster the increased inclusion of minority and disadvantaged people in Georgia, including those living across ethnic and geographic boundaries. These goals are especially important given Georgia's strengthening relationship with the European Union (EU) following the 2014 Association Agreement.

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