Magic in Imereti-Herbia and USAID

"In Imereti, just outside Tskaltubo, something a little magical happens everyday." The Herbia company brings food farm-to-table, "from Georgian land and Georgian hands...with a little help from USAID."

This is a prime example of how American and Georgian people are working together to boost the country’s agriculture sector, spur economic growth, create jobs, and make locally grown GAP-certified produce available to people throughout the country.

Herbia is supported by USAID's Restoring Efficiency to Agricultural Production (REAP) project, implemented by our partner, CNFA (Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture). 


Video Transcript 
In Imereti, just outside Tskaltubo, something a little magical happens every day. At the crack of dawn, a farmer harvests a fresh bunch of cilantro, and takes it to a company that pays him and other local farmers for their crops. When it arrives, the cilantro is washed, dried, cut, measured, and packaged, by workers from the community. The cilantro is placed in cold storage for a few hours until it is driven to Tbilisi’s biggest markets, like Carrefour, Smart, and Goodwill where Georgian consumers can buy it --- fresh, natural, and pesticide-free --- from farm to table.‎ Every day, Herbia makes this magic happen with Georgian land and Georgian hands, and with a little help from USAID. Across the country, USAID is helping G‎eorgian agriculture so that companies like Herbia can succeed, creating jobs and providing delicious food grown right here in Georgia. To learn more about Herbia and USAID's agricultural assistance, go to