Alliances in Action

African Diaspora Marketplace

The African diaspora is a deeply committed, yet largely untapped, source of innovative, entrepreneurial solutions to poverty and economic development in Africa. Through the African Diaspora Marketplace (ADM), USAID, Western Union and the Western Union Foundation seek to support the entrepreneurial activities of the African diaspora community in 19 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Alianzas Guatemala

Alianzas is a USAID program which seeks to leverage significant resources from the private sector through a minimum of 50 alliances to improve health, education and nutrition. Through this partnership initiative, USAID engages national and multi-national company leaders in order to show them how sustainable development works.

AMARTA Sulawesi Kakao Alliance

Through the AMARTA Sulawesi Kakao Alliance (ASKA), USAID, Blommer Chocolate Company, and Olam International work with the Government of Indonesia to promote Sulawesi’s cocoa industry. By providing training in pest and disease control technologies and cocoa best management practices, the alliance helps to improve farm productivity and increase the incomes of rural cocoa farmers.


Since 2002, USAID and Chevron have partnered to benefit Angoloa. In the first generation of partnerships, programs focused on helping vulnerable households become more food self-sufficient; helped farmers more effectively produce and market high value crops; and the start up of Novo Banco that provides credit to small entrepreneurs and low-income households.

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