Partnership Opportunities and Resources

USAID works with the private sector - including U.S. and global corporations, regional and local businesses in developing countries, and industry associations - in a number of ways:

  • Building public-private partnerships with local and international companies, as well as business associations and other private sector entities.
  • Providing guarantees to unlock local capital for sustainable growth.
  • Collaborating with the private and public sector when facing a development challenge that does not have a clear solution and there appears to be an opportunity for innovation.
  • Providing financing, convening diverse partners and using science and technology to find and test cost effective, scalable development solutions through a venture capital style grant competition.
  • Building links between the needs of developing countries with the interests and resources of private capital investors to catalyze finance for development.

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The Center for Transformational Partnerships has a wealth of resources about partnerships and private sector engagement to support our colleagues and potential partners from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors with a range of experience in development or working with USAID. 

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You may also go directly to Current Opportunities and Other Resources for information on current solicitations and bidding opportunities, as well as links to other U.S. Government programs.