Wednesday, June 13 - The Future of Development

Frontiers in Development

9:00 DevTalk
William Jack, Georgetown University; Trade Credit Authority
Video Development Credit Authority

9:10 The Future of Development Assistance
Moderator: Nina Easton, Washington Bureau Chief of Fortune Magazine
The Honorable John Kufuor, Former President of the Republic of Ghana; Former Chairperson of the African Union
Chris Policinski, President and CEO of Land O’Lakes
Paul Collier, Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford University
Steve Radelet, Chief Economist, USAID

An interconnected global economy has increasingly provided new sources of development funding from a diverse range of actors, resulting in a proliferation of new donors, in addition to increased private investment, remittances, and philanthropy. Given this continually changing development landscape, how will the role of official assistance have to change as its relative contribution of resources shrinks? What will be the role of emerging donors, and how can traditional donors best engage them? On what basis should the effectiveness of partnerships be determined, and how can private trade and investment best be catalyzed towards mutually beneficial development goals? How can the significant financial and intellectual resources associated with remittances and migrant flows be harnessed for development? 

10:10 Break

10:40 Remarks
Thomas Nides
Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

10:55 DevTalk
Joel Lamstein, Co-founder and President of John Snow, Inc.

11:00 Investing for Sustainable Development
Moderator: Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator, USAID
Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste
Amara Konneh, Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs of Liberia
Rakesh Rajani, Head and Founder of Twaweza
Paul O’Brien, Vice President for Policy and Campaigns for Oxfam America

One of the biggest challenges in development is sustaining progress and results over time. Sustainability involves a complex set of economic, cultural, technical, and environmental issues. What are the best strategies for sustaining results over time? How can beneficiaries be empowered to take ownership of development initiatives? How can programs be designed to build stronger capacity and strengthen local systems to achieve long-term goals?  How can policymakers address the tension between the need for achieving short-term progress with the imperative of reaching long-term goals? How can policymakers ensure results are broad-based and inclusive?

12:00 DevTalk: Development and Investment
Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Executive Director of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership;
Former Minister of Health of the Republic of Senegal
Patrick Meier, Co-founder of Stand By Volunteer Task Force

12:45 Luncheon Commences
Georgetown University Conference Center

1:00 Keynote Address
The Honorable Benjamin Cardin
U.S. Senator, D-Md.

1:30 Transit to Gaston Hall

2:00 DevTalk
Michael Kremer, Gates Professor of Developing Societies at Harvard University
James Habyarimana, Georgetown University; Heckle and Chide

2:10 The Power of Story Telling
Moderator: Roger Thurow, Global Affairs Senior Fellow at The Chicago Council
Michael Elliott, President and CEO of ONE
Carolyn Miles, President and CEO of Save the Children
Christy Turlington Burns, Founder of Every Mother Counts
Sheryl WuDunn, Co-author of Half the Sky

The art of storytelling has been with us for centuries.  When done well, storytelling can invigorate an audience and teach powerful lessons. Communicating the incredible achievements that people in the developing world overcome every day is an important contribution to educating and engaging the American public in support of development.  Our panelists will share their insights on how to tell these stories in a compelling and effective way.  

3:05 DevTalk
Helene Gayle, CEO of CARE International
Bernard Amadei, Engineering for the Developing World
Alla Jezmir, Co-founder of EGG-energy

3:15 Beyond the Usual Suspects
Moderator: Liz Schrayer, Founding Executive Director of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
Barbara Bush, CEO and Co-founder of Global Health Corps
Mandy Moore, Actress; Philanthropist
Kay Warren, Co-founder of Saddleback Church
The Honorable Jim Kolbe, Former Arizona Congressman

More than ever before, what happens in developing countries around the world affects America, either in terms of job creation and economic expansion, security and stability, strengthening democracy and building effective partners, fighting disease, or strengthening our role as a global leader.   As the implications of these global challenges have become more evident, new constituencies have emerged as partners that care about development.  This panel will explore how we reach new constituencies, what is driving their interest and how we can engage them as effective partners.   

4:15 Young Innovators
DevTalk: The Power of Youth for Social Change
Monique Coleman, United Nations Youth Champion

African Young Innovators

Moderator: Helen Coster, Contributing Writer at Forbes
David Auerbach, Co-founder of Sanergy
Bailey Klinger, Director of Entrepreneurial Finance Lab
James Long, Afghanistan Polling
Alla Jezmir, Co-founder of EGG-energy

Rajiv Shah, Administrator, USAID