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Le petit Mahazomaro et sa mère Salalasoa

Avril 2016:  Son nouveau-né dans les bras, Salalasoa, la mère du petit Mahazomaro, fit irruption dans la case de santé de l’agent communautaire (AC) du village de Tanambao Marofototra, dans le sud-ouest de Madagascar.

Rabetsy believes everyone should have tap water at home

Not too long ago, residents in eastern Madagascar gained access to safe drinking water in their own homes—a development that has significantly improved their health and daily routine, not to mention the convenience of onsite plumbing in the small village.

USAID Mission Director Susan Sawhill Riley presents a training certificate to Radiata Ibrahim

April 2014—White smoke is spiraling up into the sky as dusk quickly falls in the village. In one of the huts, Radiata Ibrahim, a young unmarried woman, has just put the cooking pot containing the evening meal on the stove. She is far busier than before now that she has embarked on a new and rewarding activity.

Christopher La Fargue, a USAID Food For Peace officer, buys fruit at Honorine’s food stand

April 2014On a hill amidst unkempt grass and wild vegetation on the outskirts of Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, stands a shabby-looking wooden hut surrounded by banana trees and other makeshift shelters.

Photo of Jean Clement and his mother at nutrition training

Almost half of all the children in Madagascar under age 5 are stunted due to poor nutrition. Inadequate nutrition in the first few years of a child’s life will have negative, long term physical and mental consequences. A Catholic Relief Services (CRS) development food assistance program funded by USAID aims to combat malnutrition in 592 different villages in Madagascar.