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An Ethiopian boy holds a baby goat.
An Ethiopian boy holds a baby goat.
Food for the Hungry Ethiopia

At the core of our strategy to support Ethiopia’s Economic Growth and Transformation Plan is the Feed the Future Initiative.

In 2009, the U.S. Government pledged at least $3.5 billion dollars over a period of three years as part of Feed the Future, a global initiative to improve agricultural development and food security in 19 countries in need. Through Feed the Future, the United States supports the Government of Ethiopia’s commitment to country-led development programs that facilitate economic growth and development. These initiatives also provide us and collaborating U.S. Government agencies with a unique and promising opportunity to assist in implementing a transformative food security strategy aligned with Ethiopian objectives.

Ethiopia can be divided into three regions based on agricultural and ecological conditions:

Three Ethiopias.
Three Ethiopias.
  • Potentially Productive Ethiopia: High rainfall, fertile soils, predictable climate, larger landholdings, crop, vegetable, and dairy production

  • Food Insecure Ethiopia: Low rainfall, irregular climate, small landholdings, degraded soils, labor, sheep and goat production

  • Pastoral Ethiopia: Large grazing areas, irregular climate, cattle and camel production

The Feed the Future strategy [PDF, 1.3MB] in Ethiopia pilots new and innovative approaches that link these three regions into a comprehensive network that generates economic growth for Ethiopia. Under Feed the Future, the United States also strengthens its overall approach by integrating activities and initiatives that address cross-cutting issues of nutrition, climate change, private sector development, humanitarian assistance, governance and gender.

Our Feed the Future strategy focuses on three core components: Agricultural growth-enabled food security, linking the vulnerable to markets, and fostering a regulatory environment and private sector conducive to economic growth.


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