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We are working with more local organizations in Ethiopia to improve their capacity, build new effective and long-term partnerships and reduce the need for foreign aid over time. Building capacity and increased partnership with the private sector and civil society, as well as government, will spur investment and growth while improving transparency and accountability.

We seek to capitalize on the extensive field presence of local development partners by directly funding projects in areas where local organizations can be most effective. We recognize that strengthening local capacity may require significant time and some additional technical assistance. However, such partnerships serve the ultimate goal of developing local capacity and fostering a sustainable model for development in Ethiopia.

We have awarded grants to the following local organizations who responded to the mission’s annual program statement requesting proposals. All proposals from grantees go through a rigorous review by technical and management teams.

Action for Integrated Sustainable Development Association

Assist households that are chronically food insecure and or suffer from poor nutrition status to participate in activities that lead to food and nutritional security.

Agri Service Ethiopia

Build community resilience in potential shocks and reduce vulnerability to natural hazards in Rayitu Woreda of the Oromia Region.

Adult and Nonformal Education Association in Ethiopia

Address reading through community-initiatives and appropriate reading material for students.

Confederation of Ethiopian Trade Unions

Promote reproductive health/family planning.

Consortium of Reproductive Health Association

Improve the capacity of CORHA Secretariat and its member organizations to provide quality family planning and child health information and services.

Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development

Provide job skills training for disabled people and improve their acceptance and employability within their communities.

Ethiopian Economic Association

Enhance the role of academia in evidence generation for action in health care financing in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Medical Association

Expand the organization's capacity to promote continued professional development and evidence based learning.

Ethiopian Society of Sociologists, Social Workers and Anthropologists

Strengthen public sector social services system in Ethiopia.

Health Development and Anti Malaria Association

Improve the health knowledge, attitude and practices of the school community and faith-based organizations on effective use of malaria prevention and control services.

Hope for Children

Integrate community-based HIV/AIDS care, support and prevention.

Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia

Increase youth and women's involvement in peace building in Jimma Zone, Oromia Region.

Jimma University

Strengthen schools, faith-based organizations, and local media capacity to implement malaaria prevention and control interventions.

Kembata Women's Self-Help Center

Improve the social and economic status of marginalized artisan communities in four woredas of Kembata Tembaro Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region.

National Network of Positive Women Ethiopians

Increase prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV and improve the livelihoods of HIV positive women in Ethiopia.

Organization for Development in Action

Improve the health status of children through education and communication.

Oromia Self-Help Organization

Use innovative technologies for fluorosis mitigation for safe water.

Pro Pride

Improve reading skills, defining childhood dreams.

Research-Inspired Policy and Practice Learning in Ethiopia

Improve waste management in Hawassa City.

Rohi Weddu Pastoral Women Development Organization

Promote Afar community-based reproductive health.

Stand for Vulnerable Organizations

Test and identify the effectiveness of scaling up markets for algae/duckweed production as feed for poultry, dairy and tilapia businesses run by self-help empowerment groups supporting vulnerable women.

Tigray Development Association

Improve early grade reading skills of students in 337 lower primary schools in Tigray Region.

Whiz Kids

Tsehai loves learning - Whiz Kids Workshop TV production for education in the classroom on health.

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