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Global Programs

Global 2016–Ongoing

Energy Regulatory Partnership Program

Developing partnerships between U.S., third country and developing country regulators to share best practices and improve regulatory practices in developing countries to help attract investment, advance clean energy and strengthen sector oversight. View more information.
Global 2014–Ongoing

Sector Reform and Utility Commercialization

Helping power utilities in developing countries to improve their operational and financial performance to strengthen long-term sustainability of electric systems. Visit the website.
Global 2012–Ongoing

Powering Agriculture

Supporting the development and deployment of clean energy innovations that increase productivity and stimulate low carbon economic growth in the agriculture sector of developing countries to help end extreme poverty and extreme hunger. Visit the website.
Global 2012–Ongoing

Development Innovation Ventures

Bringing new ideas for solving problems by using a tiered, evidence-based funding model to test ideas, gather evidence and support proven solutions. Visit the website.
Global 2011–Ongoing

Energy Efficiency for Clean Development

Providing tools and advice on replicable strategies for energy efficiency integration across countries and regions. Visit the website.
Global 2010–Ongoing

Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies

Supporting more than 20 partner countries in the design and implementation of low emission development strategies (LEDS) through existing country programs, plans and policies. Visit the website.
Global 2007–Ongoing

Energy Utility Partnership Program

Facilitating strategic partnerships between U.S., third country and developing country partner utilities to share best practices and expand global access to sustainable energy to promote the transition to a low-emission, climate-resilient world. Visit the website.
Global 2006–Ongoing

CTI Private Financing Advisory Network

Identifying clean energy projects at an early stage and providing mentoring to significantly enhance the possibility of financial closure. Visit the website.

Regional Programs

Sub-Saharan Africa 2013–Ongoing

Power Africa

Bringing together technical and legal experts, the private sector, and governments from around the world to work in partnership to increase the number of people with access to power. Visit the website.
Sub-Saharan Africa 2016–Ongoing

Scaling Off Grid Energy

Accelerating growth in the off-grid energy market to provide 20 million households in sub-Saharan Africa with access to modern, clean and affordable electricity. Visit the website.
Southeast Asia 2016–Ongoing

Clean Power Asia

Helping countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region attract greater and more diverse sources of investment for renewable energy sources. Read the fact sheet.
Caribbean & Central America 2015–Ongoing

Clean Energy Finance Facility

Supporting private-sector energy development through an innovative financing program in Latin America and the Caribbean. Visit the website.

Multi-Country Programs

Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Macedonia, Nigeria 2015–Ongoing

Engendering Utilities

Increasing the professional participation of women in the energy distribution sector and improving women’s career prospects while improving the quality and cost of electricity services. Visit the website.
India, Kenya 2012–Ongoing

Developing a Sustainable Cookstove Sector

Making clean, energy-efficient cookstoves more affordable and accessible to consumers by expanding distribution networks and access to consumer and distributor financing. View more information.
Haiti, India, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda 2011–Ongoing

Renewable Energy Microfinance and Microenterprise

Increasing the availability of consumer financing for clean energy services and products to enable low-income populations to access technologies that improve their livelihoods and quality of life. Visit the website.
South Asia 2000–Ongoing

South Asia Regional Initiative for Energy Integration

Promoting integration of energy systems and enhancing cross border energy trade among participating South Asian countries. Visit the website.

Individual Country Programs

Bangladesh 2012–Ongoing

Catalyzing Clean Energy in Bangladesh

Assisting in the development of a low greenhouse gas economy and promoting clean energy projects, energy efficiency and energy conservation. Visit the website.
Colombia 2012–Ongoing

Colombia Clean Energy Program

Increasing access to renewable energy sources and improving energy efficient practices in partnership with the Colombian energy utilities, municipal governments, local organizations and private sector. Visit the website.
Democratic Republic of the Congo 2016–Ongoing

Power Sector Reform

Providing techincal assistance and training to support the national power sector strategy and establish a Regulatory Authority and Rural Electrification Agency. Read a recent report.
Haiti 2012–Ongoing

Pilot Project for Sustainable Electricity Distribution

Extending the distribution of electricity to approximately 9,000 users in four towns. Visit the website.
India 2009–Ongoing

Partnership to Accelerate Clean Energy

Supporting research and deployment of clean energy through PACE-R (research) and PACE-D (deployment) initiatives, and promoting energy access through its PEACE initiative. Visit the website.
Indonesia 2015–Ongoing

Indonesia Clean Energy Development II

Supporting government, private sector and civil society in the commercial development of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. Visit the website.
Jamaica 2015–Ongoing

Caribbean Clean Energy Program

Supporting energy efficiency through policies and incentives that promote greater public/private sector investment in clean energy development. Visit the website.
Jordan 2013–Ongoing

Energy Sector Capacity Building

Working with government, private sector, civil society and donors to build institutional and organizational capacity for effective policy-making, decision-making and adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and practices, while prioritizing gender issues. Visit the website.
Kazakhstan 2013–Ongoing

Kazakhstan Climate Change Mitigation Program

Supporting the Kazakh government and business community in implementing policies to reduce greenhouse gases at the national and at the corporate level. Visit the website.
Kosovo 2014–Ongoing

Energy Reform Project

Delivering technical assistance and capacity building solutions to local institutions to enable more inclusive and sustained economic development. Visit the website.
Mozambique 2016–Ongoing

Support Program for Economic and Enterprise Development

Advancing reforms in areas such as agriculture, trade & investment, power, water and biodiversity conservation to attract investment, expand markets and promote broad inclusive economic growth. Visit the website.
Nepal 2015–Ongoing

Hydropower Development Project

Expanding access to modern, high-quality hydropower services while facilitating and encouraging private sector investment. Visit the website.
Pakistan 2013–Ongoing

Mangla Dam Rehabilitation Project

Supporting the rehabilitation of the Mangla hydroelectric power station to add 90 MW to the plant's generation capacity, enough to supply electricity to 833,580 people. Read the fact sheet.
Pakistan 2013–Ongoing

Diamer Basha Dam Project

Conducting comprehensive environmental, technical and financial assessments to pave the way for financing and building the Diamer Basha Dam, a large hydroelectric facility. View the fact sheet.
Pakistan 2010–Ongoing

Jamshoro Power Station Project

Supporting the rehabilitation of the Jamshoro Thermal Power Station to supply electricity to the surrounding population and reduce annual fuel costs and consumption. View the fact sheet.
Pakistan 2010–Ongoing

Tarbela Dam Project

Supporting the rehabilitation of the Tarbela Hydroelectric Power Station to restore 128 MW of generation capacity and add 561 million kilowatt hours of energy per year. View the fact sheet.
Philippines 2014–Ongoing

Building Low Emission Alternatives to Develop Economic Resilience and Sustainability

Minimizing barriers to clean energy development by streamlining business processes; and promoting interaction between energy developers, financial institutions, and communities. Visit the website.
Philippines 2014–Ongoing

Energy Policy and Development Program

Strengthening capacity to formulate evidence-based policies and strategies for cost-effective energy sector development in the Philippines. Visit the website.
Philippines 2011–Ongoing

Low Emissions Asian Development Program

Working to integrate low emission growth objectives into long-term planning, employ analytical tools to support decision-making, track impacts of low emission programs in the energy and forestry sectors, and mobilize clean energy investments. Visit the website.
Ukraine 2013–Ongoing

Municipal Energy Reform Project

Enhancing Ukraine’s energy security through policy reform, increased energy efficiency and greater investment in the energy sector. Visit the website.
Vietnam 2012–Ongoing

Vietnam Clean Energy Program

Supporting clean energy development by increasing the use of renewable energy technologies and energy efficient practices, and promoting public and private investment in clean technologies in the building sector. View more information.