Advanced Geographic and Data Analytics

The GeoCenter Plus team supports the application of advanced data and geographic analysis to international development challenges to improve the strategic planning, design, monitoring, and evaluation of USAID's programs.

Mapping, Analysis and Visualization

Our team employs the use of data, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and an array of analytical approaches to increase data-driven decision-making at USAID. Our analysts have pioneered techniques to help USAID Missions better understand household livelihoods, particularly identifying where households are vulnerable to certain shocks such as unpredictable health issues and prolonged negative economic conditions. Additionally, our team conducts futures analysis to identify emerging trends and examining their implications for development programming through scenario planning, exploring trends, and other qualitative and quantitative methods.   

Collecting, Managing and Sharing Data 

We support the Agency's data needs through strategic relationships with partners around the globe. The Mapping for Resilience University Consortium marks a new investment in creating and making data accessible to USAID. This program creates geospatial data by growing a network of student mappers in an open platform (OpenStreetMap) and shares that data with USAID Missions. Thanks to our relationship with the interagency community(NGA), we provide high resolution imagery to USAID Missions and Implementing Partners for development projects. We continue to strengthen partnerships with the Group of Earth Observation (GEO), Foreign Agriculture Service, NASA and other USG and international organizations managing data sets to deepen our understanding and benefit the work of USAID.

Building Capacity to Apply Data for Decision Making 

Building capacity in USAID missions and Washington-based Operating Units requires that they have the means to integrate data analysis and geographic information into their work. Our team provides customized GIS training and capacity building services to the agency as well as direct direct technical support to Mission based GIS Specialists, and USAID operating units seeking to develop their own GIS, data analysis, and mapping capacity.