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USAID staff, as well as contractors, and recipients of USAID assistance awards (e.g. grants and cooperative agreements) in accordance with the terms and conditions of their awards must submit Datasets to the Development Data Library (DDL).

For questions about USAID’s open data policy, Automated Directives System (ADS) 579 – USAID Development Data, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.   We also invite you to post general questions on StackExchange  and technical or bug-related questions on GitHub so that we can provide a response for public benefit.  You are also welcome to email USAID’s open data team.

Please provide the following to register your dataset with the DDL. Upon submitting this form, you will be contacted by our staff with additional instructions for transmitting the dataset.

Please do not complete this form using classified data or data containing personally identifiable information, such as government identification numbers (e.g. social security numbers), home addresses, and dates of birth.  You must also remove personally identifiable information (including names of individual respondents) from datasets prior to submitting them to the Development Data Library.
Datasets must be submitted in machine-readable, non-proprietary formats such as .csv or .xml.