USAID Climate Action Review: 2010–2016



USAID’s mission is to end extreme poverty and to advance global prosperity and security. Yet just as growth is lifting millions of people from poverty, climate change is posing a new challenge to development.

Countries around the world are experiencing more intense heat waves, droughts, floods and storms, as well as slower-moving changes like ocean acidification and sea-level rise. These changes are threatening food and water supplies as well as homes, livelihoods and lives.

USAID’s climate work safeguards global development by helping countries prepare for climate risks and lay the foundation for sustainable, low-carbon growth powered by clean energy and healthy landscapes.

This report looks back at what USAID and our partners have accomplished over six years. It describes how our climate work has evolved, it summarizes our major achievements, it distills lessons learned and shares examples from a portfolio of activities across more than 40 countries and regional USAID missions.

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