Tools and Guidance

This selection of how-to guides, decision support tools, syntheses of best practices, and other resources represents a small subset of USAID’s body of knowledge on the practice of conservation.  Please use the Development Experience Clearinghouse to find additional resources, including evaluations and project reports, specific to a sector, threat, approach or country.

Program Design and Management

  • A foundational resource for implementation of USAID’s Biodiversity Policy, the Handbook provides guidance on required and recommended steps in the design and adaptive management of USAID biodiversity programs, summarizes the state-of-the-art in conservation approaches, and describes how conservation intersects with other development sectors. 
  • Measuring Efforts to Combat Wildlife Trafficking: A Toolkit for Improving Action and Accountability [updated March 2017] 76 pages
    Developed for any organization concerned with poaching and illegal wildlife trade, this toolkit recommends indicators for monitoring  progress and effectiveness of ten major strategic approaches for combating wildlife crime. A situation model and theory of change diagrams are included, both as tools used to identify where monitoring is needed most, and as useful resources for host government, implementing partners and donors engaged in program design and proposal review.
  • Integrating Biodiversity and Climate Change Adaptation in Activity Design [July 2015] 60 pages.
    This brief identifies lessons learned from existing integrated activities, lays out a set of best practices for integration, and provides recommendations that can be implemented at various stages of the USAID program cycle to achieve appropriate and effective integration. It was informed by, and includes, case studies of USAID-supported activities in Nepal, Ecuador, Southern Africa and Southeast Asia.

Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas

Landscape and Seascape Conservation

Forests and Conflict

USAID Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Analyses

This new guide is designed to help procure and conduct Tropical Forest and Biodiversity Analyses that more effectively encourage all sectors to consider, value and in some cases support biodiversity and forest conservation.

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