Transforming Lives

Jason Mraz takes the stage in Rangoon with the iconic Shwedagon Pagoda as a backdrop.

More than 70,000 young people packed in to hear the first major open air concert in Burma in over a half a century on December 16, 2012. Front and center were messages about human trafficking and exploitation and how to avoid both.

Mobile Volunteer Malaria Workers Drive Down Cases in Rural Burma

People in the remote village of War Taw in southern Burma often do battle with malaria. Here, villagers earn their living working in and around forests that harbor malaria-carrying mosquitoes, but health services are scarce and far away.

An ASEAN youth volunteer records the impact of pollution on a Malaysian river ecosystem.

They came from all over Southeast Asia and met on the beach. And cleaned it. Without pay. That’s not all. They had to compete for the opportunity.

Fin Free Thailand supporters take to the streets to lessen the taste for shark fin soup.

There’s no getting around the fact that most people have a primal fear of sharks. The sad reality is that humans are a much bigger threat to sharks than they are to us. An estimated 75 million sharks are killed each year, mostly to meet the demand for shark fin soup. Humans are killing sharks at such a rapid pace that many species may soon be lost forever.

Live reef fishermen in Timor-Leste head out for their daily catch. About 15 million people in the Asia-Pacific’s Coral Triangle

Asia-Pacific nations that ring the pristine Coral Triangle are beginning to pool their ideas and strengthen their collective commitment to protect a delicate regional fish trade sustainably.