1960s Thailand malaria control
Elephants carry malaria control supplies to remote parts of Thailand as part of the large-scale malaria control project led by USAID in the 1960s.

USAID’s Regional Development Mission for Asia, located in Bangkok, implements regional programs that address cross-border issues; supports bilateral programs in countries without USAID missions, such as Laos and Thailand, and works with Tibetan populations in southern China; and provides thought leadership, management and technical support to other missions in Asia. 

USAID established the Regional Development Mission Asia (RDMA) in Bangkok in 2003 to address key regional issues and support bilateral programming; provide contracting, financial management, legal, and administrative services to USAID missions in Asia; and manage bilateral foreign assistance for countries in Asia without USAID missions.   

Today, our regional mission works to expand opportunities for cooperative solutions to problems that cross national boundaries. RDMA addresses the issues critical for the long-term social and economic health of the region and the United States that can be most effectively addressed from a regional platform.