Transforming Lives

USAID trainee pumps water by riding a bike in Banke, Nepal.

Watering crops can be as easy as riding a bike in Nepal, where farmers are putting low-tech development into motion on two wheels in an effective approach that is being rolled out in other countries in South and Southeast Asia. They are not just spinning their wheels, they are driving farm development forward

Apirudee On-bao is Director of the Office of Health and Social Development in Khon Kaen Province.

With support from USAID Sapan, OHSD and six other women-led non-governmental organizations formed a coalition to train and prepare plans for their respective provinces to apply for WDF funding. The funds are open to all women, rich or poor, urban or rural. Returning to Khon Kaen, OHSD collaborated with other development groups to learn how local women could start applying for the grants. Some women were skeptical that the young activists could help since they believed only well-connected individuals could access the new funds. But four communities that received OHSD training and assistance submitted applications and two received WDF funding.

Wannakanok Poh-itaeda-oh, Founder and President, Luukrieng

Thailand’s youth face a variety of challenges—crime, safety, difficulty completing their education, and support for those orphaned by insurgency-related violence. But efforts are underway to address the issues that significantly impact their lives.

Pateemah Poh-itaeda-oh, Founder and President of WePeace, works with women in Thailand.

Women living in the Deep South of Thailand struggle for acceptance as community leaders and many still need to fight for basic rights. Under the leadership of its founder and president, Pateemah Poh-itaeda-oh, the Women for Peace Association (WePeace) is working to ensure that women’s issues–such as access to education and freedom of expression–are recognized and addressed. Using support from the USAID Sapan Program, WePeace trains local women on how to improve their communities through “community scorecards,” which keep track of the activities that promote open government, and government-funded literacy training.

First Center for Civil Society and Non-Profit Management Opens in Thailand

Ask random Thai students about their dream jobs. Probably not even one out of 10 would think about working for civil society organizations (CSOs) or the non-profit sector. But that could change.   Khon Kaen University in northeast Thailand is now offering students new career perspectives by launching the country’s first Center for Civil Society and Non-Profit Management.