Flag of Angola

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

USAID improves the quality of dialogue between the Governemnt and those being governed. We enhance reforms at various levels and boost key social activities, including land/housing rights, advancing social dialogue, and legal counseling services at the community level. We also foster the abilities of young Angolan men and women political leaders to be peace-builders and agents of positive social change in their communities, empowering those communities affected and threatened by forced evictions and demolitions through capacity strengthening activities and legal assistance.

We also supports public financial management reform to strengthen the Ministry of Finance's capacity to manage public financial resources. Through mentoring, training, and supervision to the Ministry of Health we support sustainable health financing at central and municipal levels to improve budgeting, execution, and oversight of public health resources. These partnerships allow the Angolan authorities to objectively understand and account for resource needs, which minimize reliance on international assistance, and provide the country with a sense of ownership over its development agenda.