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Xhevit Hysenaj, owner of Xherdo Medicinal Plants and Essential Oils near Durres, Albania, beams proudly next to the essential oi

With the help of a small grant from USAID, Xhevit Hysenaj was able to bring in three engineers to advise on the design, construction, and operation of a larger-capacity, cost-effective distiller for essential oils.

Sadeta Noka (left) receives the new pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines from Margarita Rumano

Infant mortality in Albania, at 15 per 1,000 births, is three times that of other European countries. Pediatricians throughout Albania often face the daunting task of diagnosing and treating various children’s ailments without the proper medical supplies. Moreover, physicians in different districts sometimes treat the same illnesses differently. Treatment guidelines have existed, but have not been obligatory. In the absence of clear and unified guidelines, sick children have not always received the best treatment. Lacking the proper medicine, some doctors tried various alternatives; others did nothing.

Students in TV spot informing people of the help offered for domestic violence by the Center for Legal Civic Initiatives

Many laws are passed in Albania that are not implemented for various reasons. In the case of the law against domestic violence, passed in December 2006 with overwhelming bipartisan support and coming into effect in June 2007, the effort by Albanian citizens, including the Albanian Center for Legal Civic Initiatives made a big difference and helped ensure the law was enforced.

Students can now easily access assignments, grades, and other information their professors post through an internet portal.

USAID/Albania, through a partnership between the University of Hawaii and  the Agriculture University of Tirana (AUT), is helping the university prepare a workforce of future agriculture economists and entrepreneurs who are capable of using innovative technologies to respond to market demands.

Mimoza Shuli, owner of "Perla"" Hotel, with brochures

Thanks to a partnership between a USAID local governance program and a local marketing company, Celesi, the Municipality of Pogradec opened the city's first Tourist Information Office to help boost employment and economic development. The office provides free-of-charge high-quality professional tourism information services to the visitors.