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Transforming Lives

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Man helping to detect illegal activity on a meter box

“When we took office, we didn’t just have an energy problem, we had an ‘energy corpse,’” said Albania’s Minister of Energy and Industry Damian Gjiknuri. “In the distribution sector, there was a total lack of investments and the system operator had accumulated $1.1 billion in debt. We knew we had to do something and we knew we needed outside support.”

Using technology to safeguard elections in Albania

Albania has a troubled history with electoral conflict, and the 2013 election was considered an important test for Albania’s democratic development. With a history of corruption scandals and alleged voting fraud, the country looked to technological assistance to avoid the problems of the past.

Greenhouse with green seedling plants

Despite successes of Albanian olive oil processors and greenhouse owners, there are unique challenges in running their businesses.  For olive oil industry, olive oil waste disposal is a long term concern with high costs on the environment.  For greenhouse growers that produce seedlings, the cost of heating with fuel/heavy oil has risen substantially.

A nurse administers medication through an IV to a patient in a hospital bed

Recognizing the benefit of piloted changes in the patient record, the Health Reform Implementation Support Group, an institutionalized health reform advisory board to the Minister of Health, has recommended the introduction of medication administration in all public hospitals.

A group of officials deliver remarks at an event head table

 Following the election of a new board in July 2011, and with USAID support for strategic planning and implementation, the Union of Albanian Judges (UAJ) is turning things around.