Luis F. Garcia

Official Photo
Acting Director, Office of Management Services

Luis F. Garcia Joined USAID as a Foreign Officer in 2002, as a Contracting officer. He has served in a number of regional missions including, El Salvador, Pakistan, Santo Domingo and Kazakhstan, providing services to client mission across Central America, The Caribbean and Central Asia. He has over 15 years of progressive management experience.

As acting Director for the M/MS Garcia is responsible for worldwide oversight and management of Agency infrastructure. His responsibilities also include real property and asset management, facilities maintenance, travel and transportation of good and effects and records management for the agency. Priority issues include renovation of the USAID space at the Ronald Regan Building, domestic and overseas management, and continuity of operations planning.

Prior to joining USAID Garcia spend seven years with the Social Security Administration in a number of positions in Chicago and headquarters in Woodlawn MD. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Northeastern University.