20 Years of USAID Economic Growth Assistance in Europe and Eurasia

The economic assistance to the Europe and Eurasia region was multi-dimensional and complex in terms of time, geography, sectors, and operational approaches. USAID and the E&E Bureau have a great story to tell about their role in helping the countries of the region transform from centrally planned economies to market-oriented ones. Evidence of the change is more easily apparent in the strategic reliance we place upon each other to maintain a safe and secure world. What has been less understood is the role that we took as partners and advocates for economic reform and restructuring. USAID, in collaboration with its host country counterparts and other donors, provided expert advisors to transfer knowledge and experience; promoted a sound business environment and commercial law to allow international and domestic investment; fostered small and medium business growth; put in place functioning financial systems; adopted modern business accounting; and encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship.