HIV 30 by 30 Campaign

Mosaic of the globe made up of lots of little photos. World AIDS Day 2016. Leadership. Commitment. Impact. #HIV30x30

#HIV30x30 Campaign Showcases USAID's Work in HIV and AIDS over the Last 30 Years

This year marks the U.S. Agency for International Development's (USAID's) 30-year investment in the fight against HIV and AIDS. As we celebrate this milestone, USAID is actively continuing to effectively test, treat and care for people around the world, setting our sights on achieving zero new HIV infections. To reach the goal of an AIDS-free generation, we must continue to respond to HIV and AIDS with sustainable solutions and shared partnerships. To highlight our achievements over the past 3 decades, USAID's Office of HIV/AIDS is excited to share the World AIDS Day photo mosaic, a culmination of the #HIV30x30 campaign. The campaign began on November 1, and for each day of the month, USAID's Global Health Twitter account posted one photo, graphic or quote – each representing an aspect of USAID's contributions to combating the epidemic.

The images and quotes were crowdsourced from partners, civil societies, advocates and USAID missions from around the world. This photo mosaic is the amalgam of submissions, which come together to represent our global strength in working toward eliminating this global disease.

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