USAID's Vision for Health Systems Strengthening

The Vision for Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) 2015-2019 is a key document that will help guide USAID’s work and investment focus to evidence-based HSS approaches that contribute to positive health outcomes and help create an environment for universal health coverage. It will also help the Agency meet its goals of ending preventable child and maternal deaths, creating an AIDS-free generation, and protecting communities from infectious diseases, including achieving the goals of the Global Health Security Agenda.

USAID’s Vision for HSS is to partner with countries to provide sustained, equitable access to essential, high-quality health services that are responsive to people’s needs without financial hardship, thereby protecting poor and underserved people from illness, death, and extreme poverty.


USAID’s Vision focuses the Agency’s HSS work to achieve four strategic outcomes:

  1. Financial Protection
  2. Essential Services
  3. Population Coverage
  4. Responsiveness

USAID’s primary HSS technical focus areas mirror the six internationally accepted core health functions: human resources for health; health finance; health governance; health information; medical products, vaccines, and technology; and service delivery.​