Girl Rising: ENGAGE

Girls attend a screening celebration for International Day of the Girl, 2013.
Girls attend a screening celebration for International Day of the Girl, 2013.
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Girls Rising: ENGAGE is a global campaign that uses the power of storytelling to promote the simple message that educating girls can transform societies.

When girls are educated, communities thrive and economies grow. Yet, an estimated 62 million girls are not in school, and millions more are fighting to stay there. When girls are educated, they gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to break the cycle of poverty. An educated girl will marry later, have fewer, healthier children, and will earn more money that she can re-invest in her family and community.


Girl Rising began as a feature film showcasing the stories of nine unforgettable girls from around the world who faced formidable obstacles like early marriage, gender-based violence, discrimination, and child labor. It has grown into a powerful global movement with a powerful message that educating girls can transform societies.

The Girl Rising: Empower New Generations to Advance Girls' Education (ENGAGE) partnership is a public-private partnership that is using storytelling and community engagement to close gender gaps in education, and improve the lives of girls around the world.

ENGAGE is a springboard campaign starting in India, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria. By creating and sharing culturally relevant, local-language versions of the Girl Rising film, as well as new original content, ENGAGE seeks to build awareness, shift community perceptions related to girls, and advance efforts to create lasting change.


  • Raise Awareness: Increase public attention and engagement around the importance of equitable, quality education for all, and the need to eliminate gender disparity in education.
  • Community Engagement: Mobilize men, women and youth through grassroots community initiatives to take action by addressing barriers and social norms impeding girls from accessing a quality education.
  • Change Policies: Motivate leaders, key stakeholders, and decision-makers to take concrete, positive actions to eliminate barriers to girls’ education.
Girls from the SSRSVM Dharavi School​ in ​Mumbai, India.
Girls from the SSRSVM Dharavi School​ in ​Mumbai, India.
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Through mass media, grassroots mobilization and top-level advocacy efforts, ENGAGE aims to advance a future in which all girls have the chance to go to school, stay in school and become healthy, productive members of society.

  • India: The world’s largest democracy and fourth largest economy, India represents a complex educational environment where progress has been made but significant gaps in gender parity remain with nearly 1 in 4 girls leaving school before class 5. Focusing on Bihar, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh, Girl Rising: ENGAGE targets adolescent girls, parents, teachers and local influencers to encourage community-led action that raises the value of the girl in Indian society.

    Recent activities include the production of the film Girl Rising with top Bollywood celebrities to premiere in late 2015. Partner Intel India also hosted 12 screenings reaching approximately 2,000 girls.

  • Nigeria: As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria represents a critical priority for girls’ education where literacy rates for females is only 41% compared 61% for males. Girl Rising: ENGAGE targets parents and community leaders in Northern Nigeria to increase girls’ access to a safe, quality education.

    ENGAGE partner Equal Access is finalizing the production of a Hausa version of the Girl Rising film which includes original Nigerian content partnered with 6 of the original Girl Rising chapters.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): With a long history of conflict, DRC has the second largest number of extreme poor in the world. DRC’s school enrollment rates are also declining, only half of girls in the DRC graduate from primary school. Girl Rising: ENGAGE is targeting government leaders, teachers, students, and community members to address sexual violence in schools.

    In partnership with FHI 360’s Eagle School Program, ENGAGE recently began working with youth groups in schools in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. Activities included a leadership
camp for school-age girls and story telling workshops that will result in community theater pieces. A screening was held with local Civil Society Organizations in Lumbashi.


ENGAGE is a collaboration between USAID, The Documentary Group, 10x10, Intel, and Vulcan Productions. Additionally, Cable News Network (CNN) is Girl Rising’s international television distribution partner.


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