Training and Field Support Toolkits

Customized toolkits gather information, resources and tools to help users understand complex global energy problems and design programs to effectively address them.

Clean Energy Lending Toolkit

A toolkit to help the financial industry determine profitability and viability of clean energy lending, with information on assessing capabilities to successfully serve the clean energy lending market. View the toolkit.


A tool that tracks the conditions for clean energy investment on and off the grid, and provides information on 58 emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America & the Caribbean. View the toolkit.

Coping With the Energy Challenge

This toolkit provides a broad diagnostic framework to identify a country’s potential energy sector challenges and illustrates linkages between challenges and potential interventions. View the toolkit.

Electricity Sector Reform

This toolkit provides guidance on the key elements to consider in desiging and implementing electricity sector reforms. View the toolkit.

Energy Efficiency

A toolkit that helps create the most effective combination of energy efficiency policies and programs through a multi-step process focused on country-specific opportunities and resources. View the toolkit.

Energy Access Through Enterprise

This toolkit presents information and tools that help small and growing energy service enterprises flourish, including best practices and case studies on scalable, sustainable and commercially viable approaches. View the toolkit.

Geospatial Toolkit

Map-based software applications for 23 countries that integrate resource data and other geographic information systems (GIS) data for resource assessment. Access the tools.

Greening the Grid

Information and guidance materials to support developing countries in defining and implementing grid-integration road maps for renewable energy sources and smart grid technologies. Visit the website.

Grid-Connected Renewable Energy Generation

This toolkit helps decisionmakers understand and assess the relevance of policies and programs that have been used successfully in support of large, grid-connected renewable energy development. View the toolkit.

Optimal Feeder Level

This toolkit provides information on designing interventions to improve anti-theft utility operations in challenging neighborhoods. View the toolkit.

Powering Health

A knowledge portal at the crossroads of health, energy and development, highlighting technical information and international best practices regarding access to energy in the health sector and the field. Visit the website.

Renewable Energy Data Explorer

This geospatial analysis tool for renewable energy development performs visualization analysis of renewable energy potential under user-defined scenarios for 16 countries to facilitate decision-making, investment and deployment. Use the tool.