USAID's Development Credit Authority (DCA) in Film

Stories from Borrowers

Millions of potential borrowers around the world have viable business ideas or promising existing enterprises but lack the access to credit to start or grow these projects. USAID's Development Credit Authority partners with banks around the world to encourage lending to these borrowers. You can explore some of their stories below.

USAID's Office of Energy and Infrastructure issued a Development Credit Authority (DCA) guarantee to a local bank which then lent to SolarNow, a growing private solar company in Uganda. The DCA guarantee enabled SolarNow to attract the necessary debt financing to scale its operations. Learn more here. USAID in India issued a Development Credit Authority bond guarantee to several municipalities in India to help them raise funds from investors to build and improve water infrastructure. Learn more here.
Thanks to a DCA guarantee issued by USAID in Kosovo, Xhevrije (jev ree yay) was able to secure a loan from her local bank to grow her strawberry business. Thanks to her loan, Xhevrije has more than doubled her business, quadrupled her staff, and set an example for other female entrepreneurs in Kosovo. Learn more here. Meet Herbert, Karim, and Vidal. Thanks to a DCA guarantee issued by USAID in Mexico, Herbert’s bank was able to lend to Karim, a fish processor, who was in turn able to process more fish, meaning Vidal could sell more fish and hire more fishers. Learn more here.

How DCA Works

DCA can partner with a host of different financial institutions to unlock private financing for promising borrowers around the world. Below you can learn more about how DCA can leverage the private sector to further USAID's goals in a variety of sectors and ways.

USAID’s Development Credit Authority can work with Missions and local banks to mobilize financing for private clinics around the world; increasing access to healthcare where it’s desperately needed. How does the USAID's Development Credit Authority (DCA) put local wealth to work? Through issuing credit guarantees to local banks, encouraging them to lend to promising entrepreneurs who they otherwise wouldn't consider.