Fiscal Year 2016 Food for Peace Fact Sheet

In Fiscal Year (FY) 2016, Food for Peace reached approximately 64 million beneficiaries in 56 countries, including 56.1 million people with emergency assistance and 8.1 million people with development assistance.

Food for Peace provided approximately 1.71 million metric tons (MT) of Title II food aid valued at approximately $1.8 billion to more than 41 million people in 38 countries.

In FY 2016, USAID provided 115 EFSP grants, totaling approximately $941 million in IDA funding for work in 39 different countries. The majority of EFSP funds were spent on regional and local procurement of commodities, at 42 and 23 percent respectively.

Type of Assistance Largest Programs
Emergency Food Aid (Title II) Ethiopia, South Sudan, Yemen, Sudan, Malawi
Emergency Food Security Program (IDA) Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen
Development Food Aid (Title II) Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Niger
Total Food Assistance Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Sudan



Value ($ mil) Metric Tons Programs1 Countries2

Development Food Assistance (Total)





Development Food Assistance (Title II) $371.9 320,920 34 14
Community Development Funds (CDF) $80.0 -- 14 7

Emergency Food Assistance (Total)





International Food Relief Partnership (Title II) $5.2 2,411 18 15
Emergency Food Assistance (Title II) $1,421.9 1,385,774 65 36
Local and Regional Procurement (IDA & IDA/OCO) $613.8 491,455 115 39
Food Vouchers (IDA & IDA/OCO) $148.7 N/A
Cash Transfers for Food (IDA & IDA/OCO) $135.0 N/A
Other (IDA, IDA/OCO)3 $43.7 N/A

Total Food Assistance






[1] The total number of development programs is not the sum of CDF and Title II programs because all but one CDF program is in tandem with a Title II program.

[2] The total number of countries is not the sum of countries by funding account because many programs overlap geographically and each country is only counted once.

[3] Other operations included twinning, resilience-building programs, agricultural vouchers, monitoring and evaluation, etc.


Download a PDF version of the Food for Peace FY 2016 fact sheet here