Nutritional Support Programs

International Food Relief Partnership

The International Food Relief Partnership (IFRP) is a sub-program of Title II food assistance.  IFRP supports the production, stockpiling, transportation, delivery, and distribution of shelf-stable, prepackaged foods by U.S. non-profit and Public International Organizations (PIO).

IFRP does this by providing small grants to predominately faith-based groups to distribute ready-to-use supplementary food and dried soup mix in primarily institutional settings such as health clinics, schools and community centers.  Through these programs, more than 300,000 individuals – including orphans, people living with HIV/AIDS, the elderly, and others – have received supplementary food designed to address food insecurity. 

To date, numerous private voluntary organizations, including many which are new to USAID, have partnered with FFP through the IFRP program to provide food assistance worldwide.

Other Nutritional Support Activities

In addition to the IFRP program many of USAID’s emergency and development food assistance programs also work in the area of nutritional support through a variety of modalities including therapeutic feeding, supplementary feeding, and institutional feeding.

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Nutritional Support Program Proposal Guidance: