USAID and the Palestinian Water Authority Celebrate First Water Distribution Network and Reservoir in Raba

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Raba, Jenin Governorate – On Wednesday, June 13, 2012, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA) celebrated the successful installation of Raba’s first ever water distribution network and reservoir. The celebration was attended by Governor of Jenin Talal Dweikat, USAID Mission Director Michael T. Harvey,  Head of the PWA Shaddad Al-Attili, Head of Raba Village Council Mu’ayad Bazour, and ANERA Country Director Paul Butler.

Raba was one of the few large villages in the northern West Bank still not supplied with water. The village’s 4,000 residents had to buy water from tankers at a high price for their daily domestic consumption, sometimes spending as much as $5 per cubic meter.

The nearly $1.6 million USAID- funded project will provide piped in water to the homes of Raba’s residents for the first time ever.  A 500 cubic meter water reservoir, a 200 cubic meter balance tank, and a pump house were all newly constructed. In addition, 4,800 linear meters of mainline water pipelines and about 20,000 linear meters of water distribution network pipes were installed. As part of the community’s contribution, the Village Council, through the collection of fees from individual households, coordinated and paid for the installation of house connections for the residents of Raba. The project will alleviate water shortages and reduce the high price the residents used to pay for water.

Creating more than 4,300 person-days of employment or about 215 short-term jobs, this project was completed under the Emergency Water and Sanitation and Other Infrastructure (EWAS II) Program funded by USAID and implemented by ANERA. The Program is dedicated to providing rapid emergency relief primarily in the water and sanitation sectors, and in other sectors as needed, to address the basic infrastructure needs of the Palestinian people.

Since 1994, USAID has provided more than $3.5 billion in U.S. economic assistance to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. USAID coordinates closely with the Palestinian Authority to support projects designed to reduce poverty, improve health and education, implement infrastructure and water projects, create jobs, and promote democracy and good governance.