ATTACHMENT 8 C - Evaluation Criteria of Audit Firms

Sample Criteria for Evaluating Audit Firms’ Proposals

Relevant and appropriate experience in auditing development partner funded projects or programs must complement academic training and professional qualification.

  1. Past Performance                                                                        ________ Points
    • Quality of the firm’s work.
    • Quality of the firm’s audit reports.
    • Timeliness of finishing the audit and submitting the audit reports.
  2. Past Experience                                                                           ________ Points
    • Relevant audit experience comparable in size and complexity to the USAID/WBG approved SOW.
    • Ability to conform to the USAID/WBG audit guidelines.
    • Understanding of relevant USAID accounting and financial management regulations and requirements, such cost principles and mandatory standard provisions.
    • Demonstrated organizational ability to plan, implement, and support an audit program outlined in the USAID/WBG approved SOW.
  3. Audit Team proposed                                                                 ________ Points
    • Appropriate mix of the audit team and the level of involvement each has in conducting the engagement (partner, team leader, manager, audit senior, audit juniors, or special expertise, if necessary).
    • Audit and accounting qualifications and level of experience of the proposed personnel in relation to the requested engagement SOW.
    • Experience in internal control and financial systems evaluation as well as institutional and organizational development assessment.
    • Appropriate experience in auditing USAID-funded projects, or similar projects/programs.
    • Adequate number of staff on the proposed audit team so that the team could finish the engagement timely.
  4. Proposed Audit Timeline                                                            ________ Points
    • Proposed timeline meets the USAID/WBG guidelines requirements (i.e., seven months deadline for the whole process or three to four months from the date the audit contract is signed until the audit firm issues the final draft report).
  5. Cost                                                                                              ________ Points
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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 2:15pm