ATTACHMENT 4 - Funds Accountability Statement SOW


1. Audit of the Fund Accountability Statement of USAID Resources Managed by xx Under xx Number xx, “xx,” for the Period From xx to xx

[ Insert the audit title per the audit notification letter]


[Insert a brief background on the project subject to Audit, The background should include a brief description of the nature and activities under the program, the estimated amount of expenditures incurred during the period under audit under the federal share and the non-federal share, if any, the nature of the expenditures (salaries/personnel, program, travel, procurement, etc.)]


The objective of this engagement is to conduct a financial audit of USAID resources managed by the recipient/sub-recipient under the above-mentioned award(s)/sub-award(s). The engagement shall include the audit of the recipient/sub-recipient locally incurred costs for the award(s) in West Bank & Gaza. Locally incurred costs include; (1) costs incurred and paid locally, (2) costs incurred locally and paid in the U.S. if material (the audit firm is responsible for defining the materiality threshold). Locally incurred costs do not include expatriate costs (such as salaries and allowances) paid in the U.S. The auditor must evaluate and obtain a sufficient understanding of the recipient’s internal controls related to the award, assess control risk, and identify reportable conditions, including material internal control weaknesses. The auditor must perform tests to determine whether the recipient complied, in all material respects, with award terms and applicable laws and regulations related to USAID-funded programs that have a direct and material effect on recipient’s fund accountability statement.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 2:15pm